Standard sikkerhedsposer fra lager

Standard sikkerhedsposer fra lager

A number of standard safety bags are available from stock. The bags are easy to use and will show signs of breakage if the safety bag is broken unwanted.

The safety bags are user-friendly and made of 100% recyclable plastic. The bags are useful for a number of customers such as: cash-in-transit, banks, police, shops as well as for shipping or storing confidential documents or samples.

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High quality safety bags

  • Customized safety bags can be produced with different types of receipt, which can be easily torn off the top of the bag with individual serial numbers printed on it.
  • Simple and user-friendly instructions on how to seal the safety bag correctly are pressure on the bag.
  • By pressing the text all the way to the side of the bag, you avoid breakage, as by cutting the side of the bag up and resealing it.
  • Bar code and serial number with corresponding imprint on receipt.
  • On a special white colored address area on the safety bag can be written with an ordinary pen.
  • Option to add an extra outside pocket to hold shipping documents.
  • Strong folding of the sides with marking text ensures that the sides of the bag are not cut up and resealed.
  • The safety bags are made of transparent co-extruded film, which can withstand oil, water and hard handling and is 100% recyclable.
  • Hidden selection text will appear when the security tape is tried to be opened.

Download Datasheet

Download Security bags Datasheet

Download Security Mechanisms Certificate